Client Experiences from Individual Sessions

 The Power of Transformation

The Empowerment Process and Chakra Balancing workshops have been so astounding for me. In a few short weeks, my life has become unrecognizable compared to what it was before.
Anyone receiving 5 percent of the good I have received, would have enough incentive to justify taking her courses. Janet’s receptivity clarity and her intuition continually impress me. This is not a run-of-the-mill, self-improvement course. The simple few days of fun classes did for me what a lifetime of therapy and medication and anti- anxiety tricks couldn’t do. I now have the ability to discover my underlying issues and heal them. I feel like a new person, the person I was meant to be.  ML-Illinois
The power of this work cannot be minimized by its simplicity. Let it suffice that I will be presenting to the whole commission to set the tone for the entire project. I now feel acknowledged and empowered to go forward in my creative ideas. This is powerful work and I so deeply so humbly want to thank you and the Divine Forces that have led you to cognize this Lion in Sheep’s clothing.   LB- Wisconsin
The smile on my face began to hurt because it lasted so long.  As we mature, we sometimes lose faith in people, so I was somewhat skeptical going into our session.  Janet gave me the opportunity to rethink and reposition heavy, negative thoughts I’d been carrying with me for a very long time.  Those same negative thoughts no longer have the strong hold on me that they once did, and I’m able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with the people I love.  Janet surprised me because she opened my eyes and expanded my awareness in ways I’d not previously considered.  She helped me to move myself out of the way of progress.  JN-California

I must tell you, days after our session, I feel a very profound and positive change in the deepest core of my  being. In fact it almost startles me when I feel it, and it’s certainly delightful. I know it’s going to change everything in my world! I am SO into rock and roll mode now. I’ve resolved to end the “old” stories and feel it will be easy. I can’t thank you enough, Janet. You are providing a precious service to humanity. Metrov -California 

Relief from Pain and Insomnia

Immediately after our session, I felt drastically different. My head was clear physically and emotionally. Although the headaches came back the day after as you said they might, I felt mentally clear through the physical pain. The next few days were less intense and have got progressively better.  BF-Texas
The pain behind my eyes has disappeared. I am encouraged that I can deal with my diagnosis without surgery and that my healing will come from a very deep place. I am happy to open my inner process for my own transformation.  MW – Massachusetts
Once in a while I can’t fall asleep and it’ll feel like something is going on.  I don’t know exactly what it is, so I’ll get up and do an Empowerment Process.  Lo and behold, something was going on and I was able to uncover and shift it.  Then all of a sudden I feel sleepy and do fall asleep. MD-New York

Improved Relationship

After our session, I was surprised by the dramatic difference in my boyfriend’s interactions with me. I noticed a subtle change the evening after we talked. The following morning he was astoundingly open-hearted and sweet, and expressed himself in a way he hadn’t been able to before. Being able to hold the healing space for him has been important for both of us. He feels more secure in that calm support. In turn, my needs are being met, both from him and myself.  NG-Iowa
After our session, I was able to talk honestly to my fiancé, and let go of my illusionary perceptions. It was as if a dark cloud and heavy weight was lifted from every cell I my body. Now I am relatively fearless and outspoken, and am able to confront him and others in a simple, peaceful way. I am enthusiastic, full of laughter and honest with myself.am now able to meet my goals by completing my work projects. I recognize how to motivate others to assist me in my business and I feel confident that the investment of time and money will pay off. PV-Germany

Greater Sense of Self

I am feeling really strong and empowered as to who I am. I’ve been asserting that sense of Self much deeper in my life and it seems to be paying off on all levels – friendships, relationships, and for myself. Things with my friends have improved so much because of what a strong presence I have become. I’m not really afraid anymore of this outcome or that outcome just because my sense of Self has become the overpowering factor in my life now. It’s really nice.
I had a wonderful two days after our session of feeling “high.” I felt much more confident in my skin. Although I was having some difficulty feeling like I was here on this planet, I felt much more confident in the studio with my own presence, and felt like I belonged. By the following week I felt as though I was able to connect with my clients and be present for them. I had an amazing experience with one lady who had some physical pain for several years. I was able to connect with her and help her to shift some things, and she felt her pain release.
It amazes me how you are able to move with others directing energies and participating so lovingly, without getting drawn into collective or individual unease.
For myself, I have felt very deeply healed from that major transformation, and it is clear that I have made greater progress than any time in the past. It is another step to freedom.
I no longer feel the need to rescue others from their suffering in order to relieve my own discomfort. I can now set boundaries and ask them to be respected. My energy is so much greater, and I can be present for myself.

More Productivity

Over this last week I’ve noticed, in a striking way, that most of the mentally “snaggy” issues that had I’d been hanging on to just kind of melted away. I can’t explain it, but the impact is unmistakable. Probably no coincidence that this week has been full of brilliant achievements…if I don’t say so myself!
I am now able to meet my goals by completing my work projects. I recognize how to motivate others to assist me in my business and I feel confident that the investment of time and money will pay off.

Course Particiant Experiences 

Learning a Science of Intuition

I appreciate having this process as a science of intuition. The anatomy of intuition is a process that is not “mysterious”. This is a fantastic structure for me to work with using my intuitive impulse. Whichever knowledge my inner knowing chooses and calls forth for me, I am willing to receive.

More Self-Love

 I do my own healing work and have worked on a lot of my issues, but through the Empowerment Process, found myself coming into my power more than I have ever been. I was able to bring up and transform issues I didn’t even realize were there.

I feel able to be myself, offering my knowledge and skills with more confidence and joy. I’ve noticed a willingness to relax and be me, just be natural in the moment and not worry what other people are going to think. I feel more self- love, just loving myself the way I am.  The course seems to give you whatever helps you most in your life.

Gaining Greater Confidence to Trust and Receive Intuition

 I feel more comfortable with myself. It’s like I’ve been introduced to myself for the first time, and for the first time I find I am amazing and I can trust everything about me. I have confidence in myself and no longer have trouble expressing emotional discomfort.
 I can now confidently receive intuition in the form of impulses and a general sense of knowing that I would have completely dismissed as being significant before the Empowerment Process.
I am reminded that my intuitive guidance is always there and find it easy to remain present at all times. I am physically more relaxed, less lost in thought.  I notice more without judging. I seem to have a smaller gap between knowing and acting on it.
I feel greater confidence in paying attention and following my intuition. Receiving information in this work flows smoothly like water. When I ask a question on paper, my answers are generally immediate.
I love being in conversation and presence of people settling in to knowing that the answers are within oneself.

I Have the Courage to Follow my Intuition

I have more courage to assert myself and fulfill what my intuition is telling me. I trust my instincts more, a transformational issue which resolved in the first group session and now feel I can trust the Universe.
I have gained lots of practical abilities such as being unafraid to speak my mind to help others, streamline my workflow and found an unshakable courage to fulfill my goals.

Trusting My Inner Voice

I have clearly strengthened my ability to trust my own inner guidance. I am able to remember that I am a powerful source of energy in a physical body, and can ask a question and receive an answer that supports my evolutation.
I have shifted to believe that I am profoundly connected, safe, and influenced by my inner voice. I am amazed that I now realize myself as a facilitator and can apply it to my work

 Feeling my Transformational shifts

I am able to feel the energy and power of my Empowering Statement as I experience it in my entire body and its effect on my whole Being.
I experienced many, many transformational shifts during the week-end which were all life-changing. The course material gives me the confidence and tools to experience the intuitive impulse and receive the information I need so that I can get “unstuck” and move forward.

Learning with Love and Inspiration

Janet, I am so impressed and transformed by your powerful course. You have given me some truly invaluable tools that I will always be able to rely on for my life ahead. It’s amazing to see the results already taking place in my life as I am being asked by my clients to literally have me show them “the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you so much for sharing your precious knowledge with us. I love that you are so practical and down to earth, yet you have all this esoteric knowledge and know how to work with it. You accept everyone as they are and where they are without judging. I look forward to using this knowledge more and more in my life.
This class was truly divinely inspired and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. You are vibrating with love and kindness. Your blessed teaching has moved me through some cemented blocks!
This was an amazing surprise for me! I feel like I’m deeper in my dharma than before, on all levels. Your teaching is clear, present, penetrating, light, and efficient.

 The Power of Energy Shifts

Thank you so much for helping me to trust myself and learn how to utilize systems and modalities, helping me discover the presence of my own intuition. You are a natural teacher.
I have truly discovered “my power” over my energy, over my limiting beliefs. I feel able to move any blocks to my progress and feel so much happier. I felt so much energy after each class, and continue to enjoy the upward spiral of evolution. I recognized the power of energetic shifts in using the healing modalities and the process of change that you presented.
Just putting our attention on healing in the group was so powerful. I appreciate learning how to hone in on my feelings and subtle needs so that my intentions are more consciously clear. I enjoyed getting to know my support system, my inner guides, and will continue to tap into my own intuition. My life is so much easier. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

 Thoughts from EP Practitioners

Tackling any Issue

I use the Empowerment Process when something is bothering or I have an issue that I really want to get clarity around.  It’s not that I just want to feel good, I actually want to uncover whatever it is that is not making me feel good bring it to the surface and process it.  The Empowerment Process helps me systemically go through the issue and uncover every aspect of it.  It also helps me uncover the issue because many times I may not even know what the issue is.  After doing the Empowerment Process for some time, I’m find that just identifying the issue helps to shift it.
I tend to do the process at least once a month.  Depending on what is going on in my life, I could do up to 3 processes in a day, although that is rare.  I feel like I can tackle basically any issue that comes up having this process in my toolbox.

Long-Distant phone session

Dear Janet, Just wanted to tell you that I had a really wonderful experience doing an Empowerment Process session over the phone today with my friend. I had never tried one over the phone. It took about an hour and a half and I had to go through the energy release process as well. My friend was able to process and see how many dis-empowering beliefs had been carried over from being abused by a mentally ill person when a teen, and how there was never validation for all the hurtful and fearful feelings it caused. It became obvious how these emotions were showing up today as an adult. The empowering statement after going through the process was life-changing and validated the right to be here fully on the planet. I want to thank you for coming up with such a clear and systematic way to help someone. What a cool concept of people helping each other just for the love of it.