Empowerment Process Book

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Janet’s book tells her story of how the Empowerment Process came into being. Each chapter is a nugget of wisdom and inspiration, sharing the infinite possibilities that self-transformation and healing offers. She addresses questions including how do you know if you’re ready to transform, what are the keys for transformation, and relates personal experiences with her clients to exemplify the powerful shifts with an Empowerment Process. The chapters address such topics as improving relationships, bringing in financial success, managing weight issues, dealing with overwhelm, fear and anxiety, and connecting to a spiritual path.

About the Author

Janet is the developer and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a powerful, effective way to positively transform disempowering thoughts and feelings in the mind/body system and create a new energizing perspective. She offers EP sessions as well as intuitive guidance consultations in-person and on the phone, and teaches Empowerment Process courses locally and nationally.

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Reviews of The Empowerment Process Book

Janet’s book is clearly written with a confidence that is very reassuring.

Wonderful guide to discover one’s core issues, and transform them. The result is a more empowered and fulfilling life for oneself as well as loved ones.
Terri D

I was ready for a major, positive life shift, but needed some guidance. That’s when the Universe led me to Janet. Her process (as described in this book), which is done over the phone, involved backtracking to a major traumatic event in my youth. Once we identified this event, Janet showed me that I could change the disempowering memories of the event, and take my life in a whole new direction. The result was, and remains, a deep and profound shift in my connection with a Higher Power… and that connection is EVERYTHING. I can’t recommend her services highly enough. The book is a quick read and will prepare you for your life changing session with the author.
Douglas A. G.

My experience of life is becoming so much richer and fulfilling as I use the Empowerment Process to release dis-empowering beliefs I have about myself. It is a powerful transformation tool that is helping me to heal the past by releasing old energies and beliefs out of my body. I would recommend it to anyone who is ready for positive transformation and is desiring a more fulfilling, joyful experience of life.
Kelsey K

This was quite a powerful and at the same time very practical read. All the way through I kept thinking how much more powerful the system would be if I could learn all of this one on one with the author. In fact I believe the book is actually more of an introduction to the actual one-on-one process and I look forward to being able to experience that firsthand.
John S.