About Janet

About Janet

Janet is the developer, facilitator and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a powerful, effective system for transformational healing.   She offers private EP transformational healing sessions, Intuitive Guidance consultations in addition to workshops both in-person and on-line.

Janet notes that we cannot change what has happened to us in the past, but we can change our responses to the events. We can release the inappropriate resonances and stuck energy.

Janet was lead to study and teach alternative healing and transformational techniques that assisted in a recovery process from her own health challenges.

As she experienced more refined levels of growth and progress with her clients, she developed a workshop to teach others to become more self-sufficient to heal themselves. Her workshop, Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process was developed in 2007.  Since then, she has added two more workshops to enhance the EP transformational experience: Balance Your Chakras with the EP and Advanced Tools for EP Practitioners which she regularly presents live, in-person and online.

Janet’s clients include business executives, school teachers and college professors, psychologists, medical professionals and healers, music and theater professionals, parents and their children.  In order to help young children, Janet works with their parents who can proxy for their child’s transformation.   More examples of EP transformations can be found in her book, The Empowerment Process: Discover a Powerful Way to Transform and Heal. 


Janet’s Intuitive Guidance Abilities

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