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Who is Janet?

I have had the honor of supporting thousands of people in their self-empowerment journey over many years.  Having developed the Empowerment Process® (EP) in 2005, I wanted to share it right away and began teaching others to use it.

This powerful healing system is very effective in transforming energy to meet your goals, desires, and subtle energy frequencies.

 The question always is, are you committed to achieving what you are looking for?   To help you with your own Process, I offer private EP transformational healing sessions through mentoring programs with Intuitive Guidance consultations to support your progress.  In addition, there are workshops both in-person and online on Zoom and in beautiful settings around the world.

Involved in many advanced healing tools and techniques over the past years, I was able to develop the Empowerment Process for anyone to learn and use for themselves and their families.  Now I have spent the past decades facilitating, coaching others and teaching Empowerment Process workshops, (over 60 to date), so clients and students could easily transform disempowering beliefs, release emotional and physical blocks, and fulfill unmet needs. The results have proven to be powerful, positive and life changing.

My micro niches are valuable assets to the EP and include working with parents who are struggling to effectively communicate with their kids, those who have career concerns, people with health issues, and a variety of relationship issues including those with a spouse, parents, siblings, and most notably with themselves.

 Master Classes are available on request.

Clients and students include business executives, schoolteachers, and college professors, psychologists, medical professionals and healers, music and theater professionals, parents and their children. To help young children, I work with their parents who can proxy for their child’s transformations.

Examples of EP transformations as well as my story can be found in my  bestseller as a paperback, e-book, and audio book, The Empowerment Process: Discover a Powerful Way to Transform and Heal.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LabJGgmnv5E (1.4 mins.)

LEARN TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF The course is now called Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process.® (1.38 mins)



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