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Is it time to  transform your concerns and issues and receive what you want and need to become self-empowered?  Is it confidence, worthiness, or just plain relaxation that you crave?  Janet is committed to help you.

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Uncover the benefits of 3 months of discovery,  join Janet’s series of sessions through a Mentoring Program for on-going support.

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OCT. 21, Saturday, 2  p.m., Revs Health Center,  112 N. Main St. Fairfield, IA

Come for a 20 min. read of my book HOW TO HUG A LIGHT BEING: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and short read of Deborah’s spiritual evolution paper.

Both the paperback of How to Hug a Light Being and a pre-order of The Infinity of Love will be available for attendees at a big discount.

Q and A’s welcomed after the reading.


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A Course Participants Experience with the Empowerment Process

COURSE PARTICIPANT: I was really pleased with Janet’s Empowerment Process course and for years I had thought about taking it and never could find the time. But I finally found the time and even felt resistance on my way to the course and the night before. I wasn’t sure why, what am I doing? Am I going to this thing? I could be doing other things. This is what was in my mind.

It was so deeply transformative, surprisingly so. I do a lot of my own healing work and I’ve worked on a lot of stuff but it brought a lot of things that I didn’t even realize were there. At the end she asked us what changes we’ve noticed in ourselves during this course and I made a list of seven and I could have kept going. And it was only two days five hours a day but a lot happened. I found myself coming into my power more than I have been and here’s the changes that I saw at the end. I saw myself in action, being myself, offering my knowledge and skills and it created more confidence and more joy. It unearthed issues that I’m willing to resolve. It brings up things that you may have not seen before.

I’ve noticed more willingness to relax and be me, just be natural. And a big change I saw was just being able to take care of myself in the presence of others and not feel like I have to be something or any certain way. I am now able to be me in the moment and not worry what other people are going to think.

Another change that I saw was more self-love and this feeling of just loving myself the way I am and all these different parts of me and then a new awareness of how to be with people. You get whatever you need. Whatever’s most up and would help you most in your life that seems to be what you get from the course. From what I heard everybody saying, it was fun, it was engaging, it was deep. It was pretty easy but also challenging at the same time, and it was very supportive, very nurturing. I felt like now I have this very supportive family and there’s people you can check in with.

It’s always ongoing and you can always call her and ask her things but it’s definitely transformative and I feel like I can fulfill my life’s purpose now more than I could before. I feel fuller, bigger, more clear and more integrated and able to use my skills in a bigger way than I did before the course. Very empowering.

Could you describe what the course is?

CP: It’s called the Empowerment Process and it teaches you a set of questions or a process to follow to facilitate your own transformation or another’s later on. So, you pick an issue, a concern, anything – a situation in your life that you’re having a problem with and you work on that following all these different steps. It just works. I just followed the steps and had a great experience. It’s almost like magic. Something magical happens during this process and you also learn a process to release energy constrictions in the body that are in the way of you transforming or shifting these deep issues that you didn’t even know were there. That is a huge part of it for all of us because we all know what that feels like to have constrictions in your physiology, or in your mind or your emotional body, and you learn this process to release them. There are many ways to release constrictions but her Emotional Pathway Clearing (EPC) is very systematic and it works. There’s so much love built into the process too so there’s a lot of heart value. We focused on that a lot. Just feeling safe and loved and being led through this process and the constrictions just melted away. It was intense, but you’re allowed to go through it. You’re allowed to do what you need to do.

The healing tools can even take you outside to do some grounding in bare feet. She gives you a lot of tools to help remove those energy constrictions and work through them. Then you move back to the Empowerment Process. So, if you’re in the middle of the empowerment process and you feel you’re stuck, then you do the Emotional Pathway Clearing (EPC) and it works. I’m excited to use it and we’re going to meet in a week and practice.

How is Janet?

CP: I really appreciated her focus. She’s very experienced, very skilled, very confident in what she’s doing and that helped us to feel confident. There’s a structure to it, she keeps us going but one of the very special things about her is she has this ability to tune into each person and guide them and I found that to be amazing. She’s got this gift and it’s hard to put into words but I guess you’d call it heightened intuition. She knows intuitively how to help each person’s process and facilitate their changes and she’s nurturing and at the same time She keeps you on task and notices if you’re spacing out or kind of starting to fade away because you don’t want to be here anymore because it’s too much. She’s like a nurturing mother making sure that we know that she cares and that she’s attuned to us. And she’s very flowing. She’ll flow with what the needs are and she allows each person’s gifts to come out and be used. The Process is very organic. If someone wants to offer something she’s open to that. It’s not like she’s an empowerment process nazi, she allows people to express their gifts and bring them to the group making sure we of course get through what we need to. It was so nourishing.