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Is it time to  transform your concerns and issues and receive what you want and need to become self-empowered?  Is it confidence, worthiness, or just plain relaxation that you crave?  Janet is committed to help you.

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Uncover the benefits of 3 months of discovery,  join Janet’s series of sessions through a Mentoring Program for on-going support.

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“Wonderful read to discover one’s Opportunity for transformation. The result is a more empowered and fulfilling life.” – Terri






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OCT. 21, Saturday, 2  p.m., Revs Health Center,  112 N. Main St. Fairfield, IA

Come for a 20 min. read of my book HOW TO HUG A LIGHT BEING: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and short read of Deborah’s spiritual evolution paper.

Both the paperback of How to Hug a Light Being and a pre-order of The Infinity of Love will be available for attendees at a big discount.

Q and A’s welcomed after the reading.


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