How to Hug a Light Being, A Spiritual Journey

This book helps people with emotional healing from loss and grief and shows how the spiritual side of life connects life and death.  (Much of the knowledge comes from Dan himself!)

Customer Reviews

“Our life’s journey may seem linear, but indeed it spirals around others in the present, past and future. Energy is vibrant and not stagnant, this book inspires us to think beyond the box and look inside for answers and diverse perspectives to help us along. Every ounce of energy that guides and helps me to be a better person, is a welcome addition to my garden of sprouting life experiences for a better world and profound peace. Thanks Janet for opening your life to share this with us. Infinite Love and Eternal Gratitude.”
– S. Kelley

About the Book


This is a story of how my son’s suicide helped me grow through an experience most parents would deem unimaginable. It is a story of its impact on his family, friends, the community, and those for whom he was a spiritual mentor. The time he had here was precious and well spent, and I accept how it ended. Dan made a choice, and I honor it; my biggest fear became my greatest blessing. It is also a journey with many spiritual and inter-dimensional insights some of which I came to from the knowledge I found through his writings, on-line mentoring, post-learning, and my own introspection. As we continue to learn the many facets of his life and soul purpose, we continue to learn of our own. We became aware of the immortality embedded in the mortality, in the greater purpose inherent in what seems to be purposelessness, and in the acceptance of the perfection of all things. The recognition of who Dan became and recognized in himself as a sentient Being is part of what has inspired this book. My goal in sharing this personal tale is to help alleviate anyone’s suffering over losing a child or loved one. Grief inevitably accompanies loss. Transforming that grief seems to be the inescapable challenge of being human. Part of my life’s story has taken shape through Daniel’s beliefs, understandings, and experiences with himself, me and others. Such a life-changing event has served as a self-reflective learning for my own life’s journey. I have come to understand that motherhood and Self-hood, are states of non-attachment, which I believe is a truth of our existence.


Janet is the developer and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a powerful, effective way to positively transform disempowering thoughts and feelings in the mind/body system and create a new energizing perspective. She offers EP sessions and Intuitive Guidance consultations as well as Mentoring Programs in-person and by phone and the internet.  Janet is a valued teacher of Empowerment Process courses which are available locally, nationally and online.

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