Balance your Chakras with the Empowerment Process

Weekly Workshop #3

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Place: Live on the web (Zoom)
  • Requirements: None but suggested that you complete Workshops #1: Become your Own Healer with the EP and #2: Advanced Tools for EP Practitioners

You will learn how to:

  1. Understand Chakra energies and how to balance with the Empowerment Process.  If you have not yet taken the first and/or second EP workshop, you will receive facilitations according to the “Chakra of the week.”
  2. Develop further intuition through EP facilitations if you are a practitioner or gain the benefit of a transformation.
  3. Use transformational tools within the Chakras to enhance and disseminate energy.
  4. Move into your energetic power for yourself.


This workshop helps you become more sensitive to your body’s energy as it influences your mind and behavior. During the course, you work with the qualities of each chakra, learning specific healing strategies and transformational tools which serve to balance that energetic vibration.

The price of the full workshop is $297 which includes all-new and improved course materials. The course lasts 8 weeks in total.

If you would prefer to pay by Check or Cash, please contact Janet by phone or email.

Phone: (319-217-0873)