Individual Sessions with Janet

What Will A Session Be Like?

Working With You.

During individual sessions, I will work with you directly, in-person or on the phone, to help facilitate the perspective shift necessary to address your concerns and pave the way for your next step of growth.

Address and transform any obstacle with an Empowerment Process session.

If you are dealing with a specific issue, or are even unsure what the concern is, and would like to make a significant, permanent transformation for healing, I will take you through the Empowerment Process.  You will have the opportunity to address and move through obstacles preventing you from moving forward. You will be able to release uncomfortable feelings including anxiety and fear to feel better.  Whatever  beliefs you hold that are not serving you can be addressed and shifted,  giving you a supportive foundation to meet your challenge.  The result will be a clearer vision and greater energy for fulfilling your purpose.

Listen to Janet discuss what can you expect with an Empowerment Process Session.


EP Session
Phone Consultation
$90/session – 1.5 hours (sliding scale available; contact Janet)

Gain clarity with an Intuitive Guidance Session.

If you are unclear about your direction in life or find yourself at a critical decision point, I offer intuitive guidance consultations to help you identify what you need to resolve in order to move forward. During the session I will help you uncover the qualities and influences in your life that are having an impact on your current situation.  The result will be like a road map to give you the direction you need to make choices.   Information may present itself regarding the perfect timing to make a decision.  An Empowerment Process session flows easily once you are clear that you have something ready to transform and heal.

Listen to Janet discuss what you can expect from an Intuitive Guidance Consultation.

Intuitive Guidance Consultation
Phone Session
$90/session – 1.5 hours (sliding scale available; contact Janet)

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