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a life-changing individual session with Janet. Her Intuitive Guidance Consultations and Empowerment Process Sessions will help you transform your concerns so you can live more fully, with passion and a deeper knowingness of who you are. She also gives you the opportunity to learn to become a facilitator yourself in her Empowerment Process workshops.

Are You Willing to Own Your Power…

If you had the power to change your life, would you do it? Would you like to own your power so that you make progressive, life-supporting decisions for yourself? Do you want to recognize and authentically express your gifts?

Clarify Your Intentions…

The Empowerment Process can help you gain the inner knowingness and support you need to clarify your intentions, your goals, and your desires. You will create and integrate the vision you need to create powerful, positive energy to go forward with your career, relationships, health concerns, or any challenge you face.

Transform Old Patterns…

Each challenge provides an opportunity for growth. When a problem surfaces, you can choose to avoid it or recognize it and gain the lesson it offers. The Empowerment Process gives you a way to release problems from the past by bringing in new, positive energy. You can change old habits and dis-empowering beliefs that no longer serve you, remove worry and anxiety, and free your awareness to live here and now.

And Commit to the Journey?

Embarking on this journey means having the courage and inspiration to move forward. Be your own best friend and commit to your personal ability to transform.


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2015 Workshop Schedule

Following Your Intuitive Guidance for Energetic Transformation

April 25-26 Week-end: Fairfield, IA

June 13-14 Week-end: Fairfield, IA

June 27-28 Week-end: Blessington, Ireland

Balancing Your Chakras for Energetic Transformation

May 7,14,21,28,Evenings: Fairfield, IA

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During individual sessions, Janet will work with you directly, in-person or on the phone, to help facilitate the energetic transformation necessary to address your concerns and pave the way for your next step of growth.

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Weekend Workshops

Powerful ways to transform any issue, concern or confusion that comes up in your life. Results are life-changing and permanent.

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