Welcome to the Empowerment Process®

If you had the power to change your life, what would you do?

Would you like to own your power so that you make progressive, life-supporting decisions for yourself? Do you want to recognize and authentically express your gifts?  The Empowerment Process can help you gain the inner knowingness and support you need to clarify your intentions, your goals, and your desires.   You will gain the clarity you need to create powerful positive energy allowing you to go forward with your career, relationships, health concerns, or any challenge you face whether it appears to be on the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual level.

Each challenge provides an opportunity for growth.  When a problem surfaces, you can choose to avoid it or recognize it and gain the lesson it offers. Moving through problems, uncovering and transforming your energy, is what I call processing. The Empowerment Process gives you a way to release problems from the past by bringing in new, positive energy.  You can change old habits and dis-empowering beliefs that no longer serve you to remove worry and anxiety, and free your awareness to live here and now, in the present, and follow your passion.

The Empowerment Process is designed to activate and facilitate your transformation, allowing you to explore your unique abilities, gifts and resources. The effects are permanent changes in your entire energy  system supporting positive responses in your life.

You will

  • identify your issues, stories, or any excuse you may have for not living your authentic self,
  • deepen your understanding of what you need and want,
  • learn how to shift to higher levels of energetic functioning
  • learn a powerful process to release energy blocks held in the physiology
  • learn a variety of healing tools that energize or pacify your mind/body system according to your needs.

Embarking on this journey only requires having love and compassion for yourself, and a willingness to be open to the transformation process.  You will then enjoy a wonderful heart experience for greater fullness and fulfillment of purpose in your life.

Workshop: Following Your Intuitive Guidance for Energetic Transformation

Your Intuitive Guidance for Energetic Transformation, the first of the Empowerment Process® courses,  presents two powerful ways to transform any issue, concern or confusion that comes up in your life. The results are life-changing and permanent for greater well-being and support for fulfilling your purpose in life.

This fundamental week-end course teaches you two powerful processes.

1.  A step by step process  for permanet Positive Transformation.

2.  An Energy Constriction Release to remove emotional charges.


What Clients Say

After our session, I was able to talk honestly to my fiancé, and let go of my illusory perceptions. It was as if a dark cloud and heavy weight was lifted from every cell in my body.  Now I am relatively fearless and outspoken and able to confront him and others in a simple, peaceful way.

What Workshop Participants Say

The Empowerment Process and Chakra Balancing workshops have been so astounding for me. In a few short weeks, my life has become unrecognizable compared to what it was before.
Anyone receiving 5% of the good I have received would have enough incentive to justify taking the courses.  Janet’s receptivity, clarity, and her intuition continually impress me. This is not a run-of-the-mill, self-improvement course. The few days of fun classes did for me what a lifetime of therapy, medication and anti- anxiety tricks couldn’t do. I now have the ability to discover my underlying issues and heal them. I feel like a new person, the person I was meant to be.

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About Janet Swartz

Janet Swartz is the developer, facilitator, and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a simple and effective way for anyone to permanently remove obstacles from the inside and see the results on the outside.

She works with individual clients with the Empowerment Process and as an intuitive reader, and teaches in group settings with individuals who are ready to make energetic shifts, grow to higher levels of awareness and neutral vision, and transform problems into opportunities for positive growth and well-being.