Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process

The first of the Empowerment Process® courses, Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process, presents two, very easy, powerful ways to transform any issue, concern or confusion that comes up in your life. Results are life-changing and permanent.

This fundamental week-end course teaches you these two powerful processes.

  1. A 10-step Empowerment Process for permanent, positive change.
  2. An Energy Constriction Release process to remove emotional blocks held in the body.

During the weekend you will work with the Empowerment Process to remove outmoded beliefs, resolve conflicts and fulfill unmet needs. The results will be clear, perspective shifts allowing for immediate, practical positive changes.

The Empowerment Process course helps you develop the ability to listen to your intuition as you create an energetic healing space for transformation. The visualization at the end of the process allows you to integrate your new perspective and positive changes. The energetic shifts are inspiring, permanent and life-changing, enhanced by the power of the group.

The Empowerment Process is a precious opportunity to transform and heal on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – as you move beyond outmoded thoughts and feelings that keep you from being who you want to be.

In addition, you will be able to facilitate a powerful transformation for others.

Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process is the pre-requisite for you to take the advanced course, Balance Your Chakras with the Empowerment Process.

Upcoming Workshops: 
Ontario, Canada  – August, 2016 Dates TBA
NYC, New York – August 12-14th


#1 Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process
$295/ 16hrs weekend format

Empowerment Process – Online Workshop

I will be offering the Empowerment Process Workshop, Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process, July 22 – 24 through the ZOOM web forum.

Friday, July 22: 7:15 – 9:15 p.m. CDT:  Introduction/Demonstration
Saturday, July 23: 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Learn the EP 10-Steps; Learn the powerful Energy Constriction Release
Sunday, July 24:  10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Practice self-sessions and facilitations of others

The workshop is limited to 8 people.  You will have an opportunity to work one and one through ZOOM breakout rooms.  There is much to learn, but you will have plenty of time to practice and gain confidence with the steps.

Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process-  Online Workshop
$195  week-end format

Balance Your Chakras with the Empowerment Process

Balance Your Chakras with the Empowerment Process is intended to follow the first Empowerment Process® course, Become Your Own Healer with the Empowerment Process.

The course helps you become more sensitive to your body’s energy as it influences your mind and behavior. During the course, you are introduced to the qualities which characterize each chakra and learn specific healing strategies and transformational tools which serve to balance that energetic vibration.

You learn and practice how to scan your body as well as your energetic field beyond the physical realm and receive information visually, auditoraly, and kinestheticly By using your intuitive third eye, your sixth chakra, you gain information from this place of neutrality, a place where our own emotions and gripping stories are not honored.

The goal of the course is to enhance the power and versatility of transformation.  By gaining insight, understanding and clarity from the messages of your subtle body, you can then follow the Empowerment Process to facilitate energy shifts that fulfill your intention according to your needs and desires.

#2 Balance Your Chakras with the Empowerment Process

Next Workshop begins on ZOOM, September, 2016 $99

NOTE:  (Workshop #1 is a prerequisite for Workshop#2)

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