Holding the Healing Space for Transformation

Holding the Healing Space for Transformation

Holding the healing space for yourself or for someone you are working with is an important process in order to allow burdens from the past to surface and be released. The results will be a feeling of exhilaration and sense of freedom and often an immediate healing experienced as a

–Physical release in the throat, heart, solar plexus, or head for example. –Emotional release, feeling light, calm, blissful, free

–Spiritual expansion bringing forth a sense of unboundedness that “absorbs” the individual self and creates a feeling of unlimited potential, new perspective, and universal support for your entire Being. You can follow the points below in order to successful hold that healing space for transformation using the Empowerment Process.

1. Go into a silent, neutral space. Listen with “engaged indifference” with no expectation.

2. Connect to your client’s heart as you listen and receive information.

3. Write down what you are hearing, using their words.

4. Continue in a natural way to acknowledge that you are hearing what they are saying, and confirm that you do by parroting back what you hear using your words to show how you understand it. Refine the understanding as necessary.

5. If at any point the client starts to cry, become excessively talkative and off-point, and/or seems to not stay centered, help them release their energy block first and then continue with Empowerment Process.

6. Move from one question to the next without too much interpretation or extended discussion, only enough to clarify your understanding and their ability to express their understanding. You are there to hold their healing space rather than to counsel or coach. We just prompt for the next step to unfold.

You will know the transformation is happening when the responses from your client are expressed with a sense of clarity, relief, wonderment and most importantly, a sense of peace and relaxation.