What is the Empowerment Process?

Everyone has the inherent ability to heal themselves.  The EP is a simple transformational process to allow self-healing to happen.  The energetic shifts you experience  during the process give you the opportunity resolve what has been bothering you on any level including  long-standing emotional issues, health problems, and relationships issues, career concerns, and success issues in general.  The result is a new-found direction and confidence to move forward. You feel relaxed, comfortable and directed in your lives. Every perceived obstacle becomes an opportunity for positive change.

How has it helped your clients?

Because self-empowerment is the goal of the process, the results are completely related to what a client is willing to open to and wanting to shift in order to heal old wounds, change habits, open to new perspectives.

For example, if someone comes up with the issue of being “unable to find their life-partner”  the process will transform the uncomfortable feelings, beliefs and unresolved needs that keep manifesting to prevent fulfilled desires.  It’s not so much about simply putting attention on what you want, but about letting go of what you don’t want.

Once the issues and beliefs are uncovered, the possibility of moving toward and attracting what you do want can automatically unfold.  It has a lot to do with where you put your attention.  If you are worried about something, the energy that could be used in the present to create happiness here and now is not available.  So much of our energy is wasted on thinking about what we don’t want, what we don’t have, being a victim of some sort.

How long does it take to get results?

The results are immediate and permanent.  You get to shift exactly what you put your attention on as long as the issue is an authentic one.  Growth then continues with a firmer ground to stand on.

What do you mean by transforming energy?

I see transformation as a process that allows you to heighten your energy to support an evolutionary direction in life.

You are responsible for our own reality.  When you choose to be responsible instead of blaming yourself, or anyone else for that matter, you are saying “I am a powerful, creative Being, learning from every experience in my life.  I see and appreciate what I create and learn from my reality to refine and improve it”

The transformations during the Empowerment Process actually allow universal energy to flow IN for positive transformation.

You know, if you smile at someone, they will often smile back.  If the inner feeling behind the smile is one of genuine happiness, love, and connection, and the other person is willing to take it in, he or she will just pick it up and their whole energy system will respond.

How many times in your life have you said a kind, uplifting word to someone and changed their day? These are the results people can have on a permanent basis by putting their attention on what they need to change inside themselves.  The answers don’t come from the outside. No book, person or supernatural guide is going to do it for you.  They only can support what you need to do for yourself.

What is the first step of the transformation?

The first thing to do is to begin noticing,  become of aware of what needs to be changed.   Accept the current situation without judgment, blame, or excuses.  Then you can enter into the world of transformation, create the energy shifts necessary to come to a higher, more supportive  and supported  level of living.

You can tell when an Empowerment Process session would be helpful when you are:

–comparing yourself with someone else

–giving excuses for your own or someone else’s behavior

–saying that something or someone will NEVER change

–feeling impatient for results

–thinking you feel ok when there is something not right buried deep inside.

If issues are not addressed and emotions build up, is there is a likelihood of getting sick?

That’s exactly the case.  Our energy resources actually move away from our organs and can start to cause debilitations.

What do you do once an issue is uncovered?

Once you have uncovered an issue, you will begin to recognize what restricts your ability to move forward.  How are you struggling and losing energy as you swim upstream?

The next step is to recognize the feelings that come up in regard to the issue.  By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, you will be able to detect an uncomfortable emotional charge and outmoded beliefs that usurps your energy.

What if you are feeling pain in your body and can’t identify the more subtle feeling behind it?

That is a great question and important to address at this time.  If you are able to locate a pain or discomfort in your body you are receiving a message that there is something causing that sensation.   By just staying with the sensation, the feeling will surface and you will be able to go to a deeper place for your transformation.

Will the pain actually go away and never come back?

That’s a real possibility.  Once your physical body lets the constriction go, you can really address the issues on more subtle levels, the mental or emotional body for example. The mind and body are so intimately connected that healing moves through your entire energetic system.

What do you do with the uncomfortable feelings once you identify them?

Once you determine how your reactive feelings are a problem for you and maybe others in your life, you can address the dis-empowering beliefs that you are holding on to, or that seem to hold on to you.  It’s like recognizing and releasing who we are NOT.  Beliefs are subjective interpretations of what you think is going on and can really rule your life.  You live by them, for sure.  By changing your belief, your inner story, you open up to a whole new world of possibilities.

 If you change your beliefs, do you automatically become empowered to fulfill your desire?

Shifting beliefs is an important step and may be enough to go forward, but you will most likely also need to address inner conflicts or unresolved needs from the past.  For example, a conflict preventing you from attracting a life partner could be “I want to be loved, but I am afraid of being intimate.”  It becomes a difficult to  find a resolution.  An unresolved need in this case might be a need for feeling “safe.”

As these conflicts and unmet needs are transformed, you will have a new perspective resulting in positive thoughts and behaviors.  Life without the problem will be easily recognizable.  Once you’ve made the transformation and integrate the new energy through the Empowerment Process, your original issue will no longer have an emotional charge behind it.

Have you ever found someone unable to transform and the process doesn’t work?

A person has to be willing to make a change in order for the Empowerment Process to work.  If there is no desire, then there can’t be a deeper unfolding of self-knowledge to make any changes.  All healing is self-healing.

How can I find out more about receiving a session?

You can contact me through my website: www.empowermentprocess.com.  I will call you back within 48 hours and schedule an appointment.  Phone consultations are just as powerful as meeting in person. A typical session is about an hour and a half.  Since it is not the same as counseling or psychotherapy, multiple sessions are generally not necessary.

I notice that you teach courses?  Is this something easy to learn?

You can learn to facilitate the Empowerment Process in a week-end workshop. Although some principles of transformation will be addressed, the week-end is primarily experiential so students gain the confidence to facilitate the process for themselves as well as for others.

  Can the process help kids these days with their issues of growing up?

There are different ways to benefit children.  It’s generally beneficial to work with Mom or sometimes Dad, as well.  So if Mom says my son never talks to me, she might want to transform that issue and the beliefs, feelings, and unmet needs that are supporting it.

If a child  is old enough and mature enough to want to transform, the Empowerment Process can help him or her directly.

Can you give some examples?

Here are a couple of examples.  When working with a 4th grade boy, the boy sitting behind him in homeroom would tease and taunt him.  We went through a process and realized that his classmate was simply needing  attention.  As my young client  transformed his  fear and anger, he was able to respond to  his classmate with  lighthearted acceptance,  and they actually became friends.

Here’s a wonderful excerpt from a 16 year old girl testimonial who recently took my Empowerment Process course.

“I feel more comfortable with myself. It’s like I’ve been introduced to myself for the first time, and for the first time I find I am amazing and I can trust everything about me. I have confidence in myself and no longer have trouble expressing emotional discomfort.”

Such a response is a life desire that many aim for.   The Empowerment Process is a life-changing tool that addresses anything you put our attention on for positive change. The possibilities are limitless.


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