About Janet

About Janet

Janet is the developer and teacher of the Empowerment Process®, a powerful, effective way to positively transform disempowering frequencies in the mind/body system.  She offers EP sessions as well as intuitive guidance consultations in-person and on the phone, and teaches Empowerment Process courses locally and nationally.  She speaks regularly at the Beyond Rubies women’s conference, publishes the Empowerment Process Newsletter, holds regular advanced meetings and telephone conferencing, and continues writing articles on her website.

Janet describes, “Life is a mirror for our own growth.  How we see the world outside of us, whether it is friendly, hostile, warm or cold, will determine our physical, mental and emotional responses to it.  We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can change our responses to past events. We can release the inappropriate resonances and stuck energy.  This is the art of transformation.”

Having faced debilitating and life-threatening health challenges herself and with family members, Janet was lead to study various alternative healing and transformational techniques that assisted in the recovery process.  As her expertise grew, she was able to guide her family, friends and clients both in person and on the phone with wonderful results.  Often one session successfully provided the desired changes for clients, while other people wished to continue opening new layers of growth for more refined transformations. She found that as long as someone was open for inner change and willing to take the responsibility for their own growth and healing, results would come.

As Janet experienced more refined levels of growth and progress with her clients, she had the desire to develop a course to teach others to become more self-sufficient in their own ability to heal themselves. Her course, Following Intuitive Guidance for Energetic Transformation was developed in 2006, which she now teaches throughout the year.

Addressing the needs and concerns of her clients gave Janet the opportunity to open to new levels of intuitive information.  Her clients would seek more spiritual guidance asking questions that related to ancestral knowledge, inter-dimensional experience, experiences in consciousness, and past life understanding.  The ability to directly connect to someone’s higher self and share the information opened so that she could help provide a greater understanding and perspective of their life’s experiences. Intuitive consultations are now a part of Janet’s services along with facilitating the Empowerment Process.

Janet’s clients include business executives, school teachers and college professors, psychologists, medical professionals and healers, music and theater professionals, parents and their children.  In order to help young children, Janet works with their parents who can proxy for their child’s transformation.

Janet’s goals are not only to teach and give out the experiential aspect of the Empowerment Process, but to continue to learn and share new knowledge with her students. Take the Awareness Quotient Survey for a free Intuitive Guidance Consultation and Follow her on Fb, Twitter, Linked-In, and web Articles.

Janet’s Intuitive Guidance Abilities

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